Walt Willis Trans-Atlantic Trip Report

WillisStruggling away trying to write my TAFF report I made the mistake of wondering about other reports and my thoughts went toward the man who started it all, Walt Willis.
Walt wrote The Harp Stateside and I managed to find the Chicon section of the report online in the fanzine Mimosa.
I read it and managed to depress myself completely as I realised that I would never be able to produce anything even a tenth as good.
However, I was enjoying reading Walt’s convention report so transferred it to my Kindle so I could read it there. Then I thought that other people might wish to read it on their e-readers so I’m sharing the converted file here.

Walt Willis – The Harp Stateside in Kindle format

Walt Willis – The Harp Stateside in epub format

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Happy reading.

If you want me to email the file straight to your kindle then let me know at jim at umor dot co dot uk or fill in the contact form top right of this page. Just send me your Kindle’s email address which you’ll find in your amazon kindle account. Click on ‘Your Account’ and that will give you a drop down menu. Then click ‘manage your content and devices’. Then you’ll see three tabs on the screen. Click the one that says ‘your devices’. You will then be shown whatever devices you have registered with Amazon and the email address associated with that device. Let me know that email address. Next go to the tab that says settings. Scroll down to ‘Approved Personal Document E-mail List’ and enter my umor dot co dot uk domain and that will allow me to email your kindle.
It’s a bit of a faff but delightful when things just magically appear on your device.

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Curt at Loncon 3

Curt had a fabulous time at Loncon 3 taking part in the opening ceremony, closing ceremony and retro Hugos. He also found time to suport the fan funds at the fan funds casino, auction and at the Fan Funds Table in the fan village.

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Curt does Cambridge

Our TAFF candidate today decided to poke around in the nooks and crannies of the ancient city of Cambridge.

There was dinner in the Eagle Pub. We made a beeline for what is known as the RAF bar. Air crews from many miles around would gather here during World War 2 for drinks and carousing. While there many of them burn graffitti into the ceiling with their lighters. This has been preserved and much more memorabilia added to the room.

Curt munched his way through fish and chips and managed to winkle out the only other North American in the pub. There was a young lady serving behind the bar also from South Virginia.

The Eagle Bar is also famous for being the first place that Crick and Watson went to tell people that they had discovered DNA.


We then investigated the outdoor market where they seemed to have heard that Curt was coming. They’d put on a war memorabilia stall just for him (probably) and some teacups. We whistled and spun around 3 times hoping to conjure up a pulp magazine shop but our powers failed us there.

Then, of course was the obligatory punt down the Cam.

And then – a tour around the beautiful St John’s College and back home to relax for a short while before going back out to the pub.

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The Monthly Cambridge Fanmeet

Curt went along to the Cambridge Blue tonight to discuss Dr Who, Out of the Unknown and the function of Green Rooms with Austin, Caro, Kate, Malcolm, Carrie, Jim and Hugh.

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Baristas in Duxford

It was a wild and windy day in Duxford. Curt Phillips was hustled along to join a host of Baristas who were determined to view large numbers of vintage planes and tanks. There were Spitfires, Hurricanes a B17g Flying Fortress and a Concorde too. There was a T34, a Tiger Tank and many large shell launchers. There was tea, coffee and bacon sandwiches. Everything you could ever want. Baristas present included Keith Freeman, Pat Charnock, Graham Charnock, Ian Maule, Rob Jackson, Jim Mowatt, Curt Phillips and guest Barista for the day, Carrie Mowatt.

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Curt Phillips in Reading

Curt Phillips arrives in Reading and Dave Langford is there to capture the moment.

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Curt Phillips in the UK

Curt ArrivingCurt Phillips, this year’s TAFF delegate has landed safely in the UK to be met by Claire and Keith. He was then gathered up by Keith Freeman and whisked  away to Reading where Keith and  Wendy are helping him recover from the travails of trans Atlantic flight.

He’ll be popping out for a spot of lunch (today) and Dave Langford has promised to hunt Curt down and get some photographs.

Tomorrow (Monday 11th August) a whole bunch of us will be meeting Curt at the Duxford Air Museum and then I shall take him back to Cambridge. Monday evening we’ll be at the monthly fanmeet at the Cambridge Blue, 85-87 Gwydir St. Cambridge CB1 2LG – everyone welcome. People start arriving around 1900hrs.


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The Edited Brunchcon

Film editor wrangler chap, Alan Wright has wrestled mightily with the 9 hours of footage from the splendid party they threw for me in Las Vegas. It has been squished down to 45 minutes of fun, frolics and hot tub shenanigans.

Many thanks to Alan and Dedee for a splendid party and such wonderful hospitality.


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TAFFing in New Orleans

I recorded a little audio when I was at a Jazz festival in New Orleans. I was listening to it and thought, hmmm, this would be a really nice backdrop to some of the photos I took there. So, I put the music and the pictures together with a commentary and shoved them on Youtube.
Hope some of you enjoy it:

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Thank You

A big thank you to all the accomodation hosts and party hosts who looked after me throughout the trip.
Thank you Catherine and Colin, Curt and Liz, Randy, Glenn and Allison, Dave, Jay and Dixie, John and Jacq, Alan and Dedee, Arnie and Joyce, Nic, Rebecca and Ragnar and David and Janice plus many many more people who took me places and showed me stuff.

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